School Improvement… A Journey not an Event

Why this blog?  There are lessons to be shared about the challenging, rewarding and inspiring work in schools when educators create change. Changes that bring about amazing opportunities for students- day in and day out… this is school improvement.

Who am I ? I have been an educator since 1980 working in New Brunswick, Canada as a teacher, vice principal, principal and superintendent. Beginning in 2013, I hit the road full time as a school improvement consultant.  I work in Canada and the United States. I have worked with over 40 schools.  Some I have been successful with and others I have not.  I have learned from educators  and their students and watched principals and teachers grow professionally.  I love my work and I have a great passion to see students achieve. I have coauthored Leading with Intention, https://www.solutiontree.com/products/leading-with-intention.html, a leadership book for district and school leaders who want to collaboratively improve so students can succeed.

Currently, I am working with schools who want to improve.   In each of these schools I meet principals and teachers who work hard, believe in their students and want the best for them.  But, the work is still hard and success is not guaranteed.  This blog will be the journey.  The uphill climbs, the smooth roads, the muddy waters and the steps taken to move forward despite the distractors. The learning.  I have co-authored Leading with Intention, https://www.solutiontree.com/ca/leading-with-intention.html and appreciate readers of both this blog and my book. Thank you.